Select Home Services specialises in cleaning Heat Pumps. We maintain your home’s heating investment for you & your family.

Professional Heat Pump Cleaning

By regularly cleaning your heat pump on a yearly basis you can benefit by:

  • Retaining efficiency
  • Preserving reliability
  • Reducing asthma triggers
  • Refreshing air quality
  • Reducing power consumption

Our premium clean includes:

Inside: Remove pre filters. Remove Unit casing,soak & wash thoroughly. Apply de-greasing agent to coils,allow to work then rinse with coil cleaner.Air blow through

coil to clear. Check drain for blockages.Check & clean thermostat.Apply Anti Fungal agent to coil. Re assemble unit and check operation for correct heating & cooling.

Outside: Apply coil cleaner to coils. Check fan and fan mounts. Check circuits for corrosion,insects etc. Clean & Wax casing to protect.

Cockroaches & Ants are known to inhabit exterior units-we treat the unit with a residual treatment as part of our maintenance.

This is much more than a filter clean !

We clean all brands and models of heat pumps, contact us to have yours cleaned now.

****We are no longer associated with the Heat Pump Cleaning Company and all cleaning & maintenance that we have completed in the past has been and is now  carried out by Select Home Services Limited. If you are not certain who is calling you – please ask***