Select Home Services Ltd specialises in “Cleaning Heat Pumps”. We concentrate on maintaining your homes heating investment for your family.

Professional Heat Pump Cleaning

By regularly cleaning your heat pump on a yearly (minimum) basis you can benefit by:

  • Retaining efficiency
  • Preserving reliability
  • Reducing asthma triggers
  • Refreshing air quality
  • Reducing power consumption

Economy Clean:

Inside:Remove pre filters,clean & apply Anti Fungal product. Clean unit casing. Check unit cooling & heating to correct temperatures.Apply Anti Fungal product to coils.

Outside:Apply coil cleaner to coils. Check fan and fan mounts. Check circuits for corrosion,insects etc. Clean & Wax casing to protect.

Premium Clean:

Inside: Remove pre filters. Remove Unit casing,soak & wash thoroughly. Apply de-greasing agent to coils,allow to work then rinse with coil cleaner.Air blow through

coil to clear. Check drain for blockages.Check & clean thermostat.Apply Anti Fungal agent to coil. Re assemble unit and check operation for correct heating & cooling.

Outside: As economy clean

Cockroaches & Ants are known to inhabit exterior units-we treat the unit with a residual treatment as part of our maintenance.

This is much more than a filter clean !

We clean all brands and models of heat pumps, contact us to have yours cleaned now.

****We are no longer associated with the Heat Pump Cleaning Company and all cleaning & maintenance that we have completed in the past has been and is now  carried out by Select Home Services Limited. If you are not certain who is calling you – please ask***